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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Cumens and I am the girl behind the screen. I decided to start my own web design agency because I wasn’t satisfied with the options for interaction with clients in the agencies I worked for.  When working for a company I felt limited in my interactions with my clients, and also with what I was able to do for the client.  My goal is to give you the convenience of working with the personalized service of a freelance designer.

So, first things first, website hosting. This is what allows users (potential customers) to be able to view your website. If you’ve ever looked at web hosting services before, you know how confusing it can be and how many different plans and types of hosting there are. I’m going to make it easy for you. I offer two different web hosting services: business hosting and e-commerce hosting. Business web hosting services will be for any website that isn’t selling multiple products or services. businesses
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